Our Beginning

In 2013, Allan Karr met with Kaluba Kapapula, a Zambian educator. Dr. Kapapula shared a vision of educating Africans, specifically Zambians, to help advance educational opportunities in the region. Together they filed documents with the Colorado Secretary of State setting up a trade name, and opened a bank account under another 501c3,

Ethne Church Network, in the trade name of HEART. An initial deposit was made to open the account. A group of founding Board of Directors was formed: Allan Karr, President; Anna Meredeth, Rocky Privratsky, Lincoln Linscott. Kaluba Kapapula, the visionary of HEART, is an ex-officio member. He will be used for advice but since organizations he is involved with might be recipients of funds, he decided it would have more integrity if he is not a voting member of the board.